Paleo Breakfast Recipe, Here We Come

Here’s a wonderful widely used paleo breakfast recipe, it’s on an omelette that has been found in many of the most respected paleo recipe guides available on the market.

The good thing that you’ve the information outlined below for you, all totally free! Please read on to find the recipe and above all, enjoy!

This kind of omelette is actually milk free, and is dairy free when you use coconut oil in lieu of butter.

It is also grain/gluten free. I actually do not put any sugars to the mix, however I have options to include honey plus fresh fruit to serve along with it.

Lets get to the ingredients

Two whole eggs, beaten
One teaspoon. vanilla extract
One T. butter/ghee or perhaps coconut oil, to cook with
Optionally available to offer: (see down below for suggestions)

1. In a bowl beat the vanilla with the eggs until heavy. Set aside.
2. Warm the butter inside the cooking pan upon medium heat until the butter has melted and commenced bubbling.
3. Add the egg mix to the pan making certain the mixture is evenly spread round the pan.
4. Cook until finally it’s firm and all the fluid has cooked. Collapse the omelette over itself after which you can serve how you like.

Ideas to serve with the special breakfast omelette:

1. Toasted almonds, lemon curd and honey
2. Nut butters for example almond and macadamia
3. Fresh fruit for instance banana, apple and strawberries fill up using lemon curd
4. A dollop of yoghurt or even sour cream
5. A dollop of whipped coconut cream
6. Sprinkle of cinnamon
7. Sliced pecans

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