Paleo Meal Plan for 14 days

It’s really hard to come up with original meals for Paleo Diet. Such diet that contains something good for our body.

I believe in making easy for people not only to understand what foods are healthy and what foods are not and why, but also to grasp what it entails to be eating Paleo on a day to day, consistent basis.

To have a sample of a week or two eating plan is the best way to represent a typical eating paleo diet.

Just remember that you can skip a meal, Paleo Diet is not about eating three meals per day. If you decide to fast for a day, that’s perfectly fine as well, but in this article I’ve included three meals and a snack every day just to give you enough options to play around with it.

To be perfectly honest, a meal plan like that can easily be stretched to four or even five weeks, because there will be leftovers to about every dinner as well as some of the lunches that you can use whenever you want during the rest of the week or freeze for a later time.

This will also save you from having to prepare food for every single meal. Some of the meals require quite a bit of preparation time, but most can be prepared a day in advance to make it easier. Some, like soups, stews and roasts, take time to cook, but not much active preparation time.

Week 1


Bowl of berries /w coconut milk
Salad /w roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes & olive oil / lemon juice vinaigrette
Paleo Spaghetti
Macadamia nuts

Leftover paleo spaghetti
Chicken & veggie soup /wliver pâté
Beef goulash
Beef jerky

Onion and spinach omelet /w leftover liver pâté
Tuna salad wrapped in lettuce /w almonds
Beef bourguignon
Dessert:Coconut ice cream
Hard boiled eggs

Bacon & eggs /w piece of fruit
Zucchini and sweet potato frittata
Grilled trout /wbutternut squash soup
Pork Rinds

Coconut milk smoothie
Citrus beef salad stir-fry
Citrus roast chicken /wsweet potato fries
Bowl of berries /w almonds

Cold Leftover roast chicken /w mayo
Lemon & garlic scallops
Bone marrow/w Waldorf salad
Dessert:Baked apples
Dark chocolate covered bacon

Tomato and egg stir-fry
Bacon Coconut ice cream, grape & broccoli salad
Butter chicken
Raw veggies /wguacamole

Week 2


Paleo cereal: Mixed nuts & berries /w coconut milk
Egg salad rolled in lettuce
Roast beef /w roasted veggies
Plantain chips /wBaba Ghanoush

Cold leftover roast beef slices /w pesto
Beef & cabbage stew
Dijon mustard pork tenderloin /w coleslaw
Coconut ice cream

Pork sausages /w grapefruit
Ground beef stuffed bell peppers
Duck confit /w carrot confit
Can of salmon /w olive oil & lemon juice

Sunny side up eggs /w salsa
Coconut curry stir-fry
Paleo Shepperd’s pie (mashed parsnip or cauliflower instead of potatoes)
Smoked salmon

Fried ground beef & carrots /w salsa
Bacon, hard boiled eggs and tomato salad /w mayo
Polish stew
Spicy pumpkin seeds

Ham and asparagus omelet
Mussels in white wine & garlic sauce
Olive, garlic & lemon chicken
Dessert: Pears poached in red wine
Celery sticks /wliver pâté

Beef liver /w  steamed broccoli andsalsa verde
Fried pork chops /w sautéed spinach
Pumpkin Chili
Olives & sauerkraut

Paleo Book

Paleo Book

This is just basically about the the two paleo books. Both books are stunningly beautiful, with full-page photos that makes you want to make and eat every dish, RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. That’s non-trivial!

Well most of the readers don’t like a cookbook without pictures, as “ooooh, that looks yummy” is a huge part of my motivation to try a recipe.

The recipes consume one page at most, with the ingredient list separated from the instructions. So you can easily assemble your ingredients, and you don’t need to flip pages in cooking. The instructions are clear and simple too.

Some complaints are the only to Paleo Comfort Foods, not Make it Paleo — is the lack of a true table of contents listing all the recipes and their page numbers. That’s a huge obstacle to using the cookbook, not only for finding new recipes of interest, but also for re-finding favorite recipes. Some ever so appreciative if Julia and Charles Mayfield would publish such a table of contents as a PDF on their web site. (Pretty please!) to print it and keep it in the front of the cookbook as a handy reference.

As for the recipes, that many tried are from Paleo Comfort Foodswere stellar, although some must admit that it modified them for my own purposes. It made a stew of their “braised short ribs” (pg 288). That was phenomenally tasty. It also made their “venison-stuffed peppers” (pg 296), albeit with beef and sun-dried tomatoes instead of venison and celery. That turned out fantastic too, very rich with flavor, including the pepper that can be reheated the next day for lunch. (The sun-dried tomatoes were an awesome substitution, surely better than celery!) 

Just looking through the recipes of Paleo Comfort Foods, I see so many that I want to try, such as:

* Maryland crab cakes: I’ve been wondering how to make crab cakes without a gluten-y binder.
* Spicy salmon salad: Paul adores salmon, and anything with homemade mayo is phenomenal.
* Bacon-wrapped dates: A favorite of mine at “The Med,” my favorite restaurant in Boulder.
* No peanut sauce: Thai yummy!
* Creamed spinach: I’m intrigued by the fact that the dish is made with coconut milk.
* Julie’s barbeque chicken: I’ve not yet tried to make a paleo barbeque sauce.
* Shrimp skillet: This looks similar to a super-yummy dish that Tammy and Greg Perkins taught me to make.
* Fish tacos: I love fish tacos.
* Pot roast: A winter favorite, particularly for Paul.
* Poached pears: I’ve always wanted to try making these.
* Jules’ banana pudding: Oh my.

(Note to self: Never ever look through this cookbook again when you’re hungry, but trying to do something else. It’s freaking torture!)

If you’d like to look at and test out some of the recipes before buying Paleo Comfort Foods, check out their web site. They’ve got eight recipes posted.

As for Make It Paleo, that’s by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason of The Food Lovers Primal Palate. It looks really quite good.But its recipes look somewhat simpler on average than those in Paleo Comfort Foods. Either way, some would eager to try some of their recipes, including:

* Hot pepper hummus: Made with zucchinis!
* Buffalo wings: So good for an NFL Sunday, I hope.
* Lamb meatballs with mint pesto: Oh my.
* Beef tenderloin with balsamic drizzle: I want to eat this RIGHT NOW.
* Jamaican Jerk Salmon: Paul will love it!
* Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Mayo: Yummy!
* Roasted brussels sprouts: One of my favorite fall vegetables.

Honestly, I can’t look at any more recipes without having some kind of meltdown from hunger. So I’d better stop now. Oh, but I do want to mention that the cookbook has recipes for a slew of different sauces: it’ll be a great resource, just for that!

Overall, if you like to cook and eat delicious food, I think you’ll be very pleased with Paleo Comfort Foods and Make it Paleo. 🙂

Do you know the variations of the martini gin

You will find very few individuals who can deny the value of martini gin. The actual martini offers its share of illustrious followers ranging from James Bond in order to F. D. Roosevelt to Earnest Hemmingway. It’s possible to safely say that the martini is perhaps probably the most vouched for cocktail drink. A martini is really well-liked amongst cocktail drinkers that it offers found its place in as one of the six simplest drink drinks article source. Along with many variations and manifestations, the actual martini offers only developed in recognition as the many years have passed.

As the exact origin of the martini gin isn’t very clear, a few can trace its beginnings to the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco where it had been very first created and served in 1862. However some others contend how the Martini was first made by a bartender in the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York in the year 1911. Wherever the actual origins of the martini might lie, it has discovered its niche in the drink marketplace with ease.

Originally, the actual Martini was created using one ounce of Old Tom sweet gin, two ounces of sweet vermouth, one dash of bitters as well as two dashes of maraschino liquor. This blend was then shaken with a lot of ice as well as strained and offered in a martini glass with a lime twist.

As time passed the martini mix grew to become a whole lot less complicated. By the late nineteenth century the martini had been created using two dashes of orange bitters, half a jigger associated with French Vermouth and dry gin. This was then shaken or even stirred in a drink shaker along with ice till it had been cool and then strained and served garnished with an olive.

The martini grew to become phenomenally well-liked during the time of the actual Prohibition in the United States. Once the Prohibition had been repealed and gin became much more readily available, the martini began becoming drier in flavor. As period progressed, the martini evolved in many various ways till there is a veritable explosion of martini versions.

The traditional martini gin is actually something that all bartenders whether expert or not should know. For making a classic martini you will need two and a half ounces of gin, half an ounce associated with dry vermouth, a lime twist or a green olive with regard to garnishing and orange bitters. The actual orange bitters are the optional element of this consume. You will need to fill a mixing glass or a cocktail shaker with all these elements along with a lot of ice cubes. Then you should stir this consume with regard to a minimum of thirty seconds after which strain it into a martini cocktail glass. You can include a little splash of the orange bitters to the combine to provide it a more rounded taste and introduce more complexity to the drink. Lastly it is possible to garnish the actual consume by having an olive or a lime twist.

THE dry martini is a slight variance of the martini gin but has numerous takers. To make a dry martini you need to make use of the same components because used in the traditional martini but possess to make sure that you utilize very little if any vermouth whatsoever additional reading. Garnish your martini with a small red onion and you will have a Gibson. As well as for a dirty martini just about all you will have to do is actually include a small amount of olive brine to the main drink.

Liquor for sale

Liquor easily obtainable in any country provides income to the country�s government. This particular by all means demands how the liquor merchants, marketers, dining places, bars, liquor stores or any spirits electric outlet for instance should have the liquor license link. The actual sale has to take place as per the rules and regulations of the federal government and excise government bodies. The liquor license has to be renewed after agreed number of years. This isn’t an inexpensive affair and the permit renewal fee rises speedily.

Octroi duty regulations have also to be adhered to whilst carting the liquor in one place to another. Within octroi limits is actually permissible as well as free of charge but past octroi limits � might be in the exact same town � you have to pay for octroi with regard to shipping and so on. This could be in one distributor to the other distributor, or one storage place to another, in the distributor to various liquor outlets in the spirits town.

Liquor available; is permissible keeping in mind the purchasers age. This may change from 18 � TWENTY ONE years of age; in various cities as well as countries. A minor captured misbehaving after consuming spirits or caught driving or even rash driving or held accountable for an incident or even him or her or / herself has met with an accident is punished as well as punished under custody. This drags the liquor retailer also in severe trouble. This could be as severe as imprisonment.

Sale of spirits is good business and one could make a quick buck but you always have to do things the right way and be cautious in most right or wrong you do. Different cities, States and countries have various prohibition guidelines. Some States in India do not let liquor to be sold at all. The same goes for some countries. Liquor stores in Indian who promote �Liquor for Sale� have to keep up to date with public holidays as well as festivals whenever liquor purchase is taboo.

These types of regulations by the spirits authorities goes for all types of spirits consume � Ale, wines, Spirits, branded spirits, Liquor King, Eco-friendly liquor, Cheap liquor, Top spirits. In a nutshell every type of liquor appearing out of the liquor shop and which is the main liquor store�s liquor list and seems on their spirits stock. It could be liquor delivery at the customer�s doorway step or even on the internet delivery. If you’re captured selling on prohibition times, it�s an offence which could lead to legal motion � heavy penalty etc.

The city associated with Lahore is fighting for its Spirits for Sale rights click this. Along with good support from group people The actual Punjab Set up has expressed their need to generate by promoting liquor. They are demanding the federal government to take action to remove the ban from selling, buying and generating liquor. They ought to stop calling earnings obtained through spirits sale because prohibited according to Islam.

Paleo Comfort and ease Foods

This is just a review for Paleo Comfort Food Book, This book has gained quite the reputation for Southern Recipes done in paleo style.

Click the book for more info

So far, many have tried the receipes. Below are some of the said recipes:

The Paleo Comfort Foods’ hot wing sauce,applied to chicken tenderloin cutlets. Perfectly spicy!
Paleo Comfort Foods’ grilled veggies – delicious simplicity.Grilled veggies as we served them. YUM.
The Recipes

Paleo Comfort Foods are usually simple and easy to make. Generally the main key in appreciating the book is that it expands the possibilities for each recipes to cook in different ways..

There are detailed notes on flavor pairings, including possibilities for those of use who “do dairy”, as well.

What Ingredients You’ll Wish Were On Hand

There are a few ingredients that continuously pop up through Paleo Comfort Foods which are (I’m guessing) probably staples in the Mayfields’ pantry. Among them are:

* Coconut flour
* Almond flour
* Celery seed
* Tabasco sauce
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Worchestershire sauce (The Mayfields recommend Lea & Perrins’ reduced sodium sauce)
* Cumin
* Thyme
* Tarragon
* Paprika
* Coconut oil
* Coconut milk
* Fresh garlic

By now, my pantry usually has all or most of these, but that wasn’t always the case and may not be for others new to paleo who are cracking open this book.

My recommendation is to figure out which recipes you’d like to try first, and then tackle them one at a time, going slowly with the pantry additions acquisition. I know first-hand from experience (last summer!) how quickly the temptation to stock a paleo-friendly pantry can result in an unexpectedly massive food bill.

Breathe in the actual aroma connected with bison grass with zubrowka vodka

In case you truly want to experience a completely different vodka which features the elements of zubrowka or perhaps bison grass then you definitely must pop open a bottle to inhale the aroma connected with bison grass along with zubrowka vodka more about the author. This revolutionary vodka is made in Poland and it is gradually making inroads in several vodka markets around the globe.

Vodka is generally produced from numerous vital ingredients such as wheat, potatoes, corn, rice, rye, sugar beet or grapes too, based on the crops that are readily available around the distilling plant. Various producers have invested decades in mastering their distilling and filtration techniques to come up with vodkas that have a distinct personality which makes them unforgettable. One such vodka is created by Polmos Bialystok which is a subsidiary enterprise of CEDC and is situated in Poland. This particular innovative company creates vodka out of rye but additionally infuses it with a blade of bison grass or buffalo grass as it is also known because this specific species of grass is loved by bison residing in the woodlands of Poland.

This earthy zubrowka vodka is generated along with 80 vodka proof levels or simply 40 percent alcohol strength and offers light hints of almonds, vanilla, and coconut, among various other flavors associated with mysterious herbs infused with rye. If you want plain vodka in that case this particular bison grass infused vodka can be purchased in 750 ml vodka bottles which has a light golden tint due to the presence of this unique grass throughout distillation along with the presence of a blade of grass inside each and every bottle. While you might think of this brand of vodka as expensive vodka you should also remember that this really is genuinely exclusive vodka that has a very smooth personality and that wonderful potency to glide down your throat in a very impressive way while giving you a wonderful heady humm at the same time.

In case you are a huge fan of flavored vodka then you can definitely infuse zubrowka vodka in a number of of your preferred vodka recipes since this kind of grass-flavored vodka will certainly provide an exciting twist to each and every vodka recipe. You actually could just be amazed to taste your raspberry martini with a completely new flavor infused within it simply by substituting your regular vodka with a zubrowka. You can even make several other versions in martini vodka or various other vodka cocktails using this super-smooth vodka to produce a signature recipe which will leave your own guests happily perplexed while they attempt to decipher the crucial ingredient within their scrumptious vodka drink. Zubrowka offers two versions of their wonderful vodka, particularly Zubrowka Bison Grass Flavored Vodka and Zubrowka Bison Grass Rye Polish Vodka that both offer a premium flavor that can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or also infused in a variety of recipes.

In case this delicious vodka is not obtainable in your local vodka marketplace then you could surely visit vodka online retailers that might surely stock this kind of high quality vodka. You can certainly purchase vodka online right after comparing vodka prices as well as shipping costs and transport schedules just before receiving this exotic vodka right at your front door. You need not step out of your home in peak traffic to seek out this kind of traditionally created vodka because a few clicks will enable you to get a good deal even as you welcome a distinctive vodka into your own cool vodka glass read this.

The world of vodka retains numerous surprises and one such surprise flowing out from Poland is zubrowka which infuses the wonderful taste associated with bison grass into its superior vodka. You will undoubtedly be pleased as soon as you inhale the actual aroma of bison grass inserted inside of zubrowka vodka even while you enjoy each sip of this earthy as well as silky smooth vodka.

Further Info on the Alcohol Absinthe

Lots of people want to find more info on the alcohol Absinthe that’s become popular again after being legalized in a good many countries absinthe spoon.

Absinthe is the mystical, mythical drink appreciated by artists and writers including Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Degas, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway. They claimed that the Green Fairy gave them their genius as well as their inspiration and it was featured in lots of works of art and books.

But what is Absinthe?

Absinthe is actually a strong alcoholic drink that features a mysterious mixture of herbal plants and alcohol which don’t result in hallucinations, unlike Absinthe legend, but do offer a completely different sort of drunkenness. Absinthe contains herbs of a sedative nature and herbs and alcohol that are stimulants. The result? A “clear headed” or “lucid” drunkenness.

Absinthe has the herb wormwood along with others like fennel, aniseed, star anise, hyssop and lemon balm. It comes with a wonderful anise flavor and is also served diluted with iced water. It’s famous for the “louche” – the clouding that occurs when water is added to the alcohol absinthe herbs. The essential oils of the herbs in Absinthe are soluble in alcohol but are not soluble in water and so result in the drink to louche or go cloudy – a great effect to observe.

Absinthe isn’t a drug. While there is a book by Doris Lanier called “Absinthe the Cocaine of the 19th Century”, Absinthe is unquestionably not a drug. It was a favorite drink during the time of “The Great Binge” 1870-1914 when drugs like cocaine and heroin were developed and ingested freely until the dangers were known. Unfortunately, Absinthe was lumped in conjunction with these drugs and had also been blamed to be addictive, an intoxicant, psychoactive and leading to hallucinations and insanity. Absinthe was suspended in 1912 in the US as well as in 1915 in France.

The statements encircling Absinthe’s psychedelic effects and hazards have since been proven false and it’s frequently agreed that Absinthe is no more harmful than any other kind of strong alcohol.

Info on the Alcohol Absinthe and Generating It

In certain countries it’s still difficult to find a bottle of quality Absinthe containing real wormwood. A lot of fake or substitute Absinthes were developed in the time of the ban and still available for sale today. But Absinthe is simply not Absinthe without classic ingredients for instance wormwood!

Absinthe essences from are a fun way to produce real standard tasting Absinthe. These essences include the classic Absinthe herbal ingredients of wormwood, fennel and aniseed and are already distilled in order that you don’t need to distill Absinthe at home buy spoons. Basically mix the essences with a neutral alcohol base such as vodka or Everclear and you will have your very own vintage style Absinthe. Using essences is usually an inexpensive strategy to buy Absinthe – just $3.95 for an essence that can make a 750ml bottle of Absinthe! furthermore market wonderful slotted Absinthe spoons, referred to as cuilleres, and Absinthe glasses which are replicas of famous antiques. Look into the website for further info on the alcohol Absinthe and Absinthe products.

Paleo Morning meal Enhanced

All these same foodstuffs were also marketed under the premise that you’re just too damn busy to do anything but pour something from a box into a bowl and splash cow excretion all over it while your kids ran to the bus with backpacks on, your spouse hurriedly readied for work, and that zany dog of yours was trying to get the bacon strips from the table. Sure as hell isn’t my house, never was. It isn’t yours either.

But they fed it to our minds, our minds soaked it up like a fresh yellow sponge, and it too turned colors and became super-saturated with these messages.

Breakfast Then = Fast & Easy

The equation that’s launched more Type 2 Diabetes than High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Breakfast Now = Time & Design

Paleo Lifestyle Design shows you how to make this paradigm shift towards a better way.

There’s a secret to giving a Paleo Breakfast the time it deserves. Go to sleep earlier. Simple. Spend a little time on mornings, your mornings, and a little less time staying up to see if Phil Phillips won and Tweeting your friends about how great that is. It’ll be on You Tube, catch it on your time my friends.

1) Organized. Cool as Fonzie. Friendly.
2) Chaotic. Last Minute. Everybody’s bitching. I scare small children.
3) Routine. Things get done, some with angst. Family often grunts rather than talks. Everybody’s got their own focus.
4) Stumbled. WTF? Family looks at you like you’re from Mars.
5) Space. Sometimes good, Sometimes bad. Dynamic personalities.

Rather than the Norman Rockwell scenes marketers gave us, the above five bullets better describe what I would call a morning in my house. Pick one, I’m sure one of the above five exists in your house almost daily in the mornings. Family could be described as other humans in the house, pets, your iPhone…. Some of these mornings show up more than others…like, a week of 2) Chaotic. No problem planning a great breakfast for that. Keep reading…

Look at One through Five again above. That’s a Work Week. Monday through Friday. With just a little more planning than it takes to review your Facebook Timeline, you could very easily develop a menu of Paleo Breakfast feasts to not only start the day right eating Paleo, but starting the day right.

So, let’s make a handy Paleo Breakfast for each ‘morning’, anticipated or not, for the upcoming week. Looks like this:

1) Organized. BBQ anything morning.
BBQ Breakfast can’t be beat.
2) Chaotic. Tupperware morning.
It’s either a leftover, or planned meal, but it’s made to eat on the run.
3) Routine. Skillet morning.
Frittitas are your friend. You get to cut things with a knife repeatedly. Onions bow to thee…
4) Stumbled. Protein Shake morning.

You don’t want to be near anything sharp on days like this. Look no further than Max Muscle Sports Nutrition for a gzillion choices of the best tasting Protein powders you’ll ever experience. Baskin-Robbins should be shaking in its 31 boots with flavors so good…

Now, let’s take an example Work Week and put it all together…

Monday: BBQ Something…
Tuesday: Eat something in a Tupperware container…
Wednesday: Make something in a Skillet…
Thursday: Screw cooking. Make a Protein Shake…
Friday: Let out your inner Crazy Ivan…

See how easy Paleo Breakfast becomes when you look at the meal as a mood for the day? Tuesday and Thursday morning you’re not even cooking! Monday morning you’re easing into the work week as cool as Lenny Kravitz. Tuesday you’re already poised for anything that happens. Wednesday you’re on the hump, surveying the coming days, beating eggs into oblivion. Thursday’s a treat…this morning it was a Cinnamon Roll shake with 30 grams of Protein in only 130 calories. Friday is what you make it, but I tend to make muffins because they go anywhere and taste great when I have the time to eat them.

Don’t ever use the phrase “Looks like you’ve got a case of the Mondays”…its not Paleo.

Pay your taxes on time to hm customs

If you have started a new manufacturing or trading business in the UK which involves importing goods and services then you’ll have to pay your taxes on time to hm customs. There are various types of taxes collected by this department on the goods, services, and earnings, and also the money collected is spent on providing public services to folks of the nation check vat number.

The hm revenue & customs was formed in 2005 in the United Kingdom with the merger of Inland Revenue and hm customs and excise department. This vital department collects indirect and direct taxes while managing child benefits along with border and frontier protection services, among several other services. The hmrc also collects vat or value added tax from traders in the nited kingdom.

If you intend to begin a small business in the UK that involves import of goods from other eu countries which have also adopted vat then you’ll need to pay customs duties, excise duties or import vat for your imported goods, in line with the classification of these goods by the hmrc department. Once the items are sold, then you’ll also need to collect vat built in provided you’re a vat registered dealer. As soon as you cross over the vat threshold limit set by the hm customs department then you will be issued a vat number and will have to sell your goods or services via a vat invoice.

The hm revenue and customs department has also gone hi-tech, and offers an array of vat online services together with services regarding customs and excise duties, vat refunds, etc. However, you should certainly try to garner sufficient knowledge on uk vat as well as eu vat if you want to reclaim vat that might have been paid in other eu countries before being imported into the UK. This department also guides citizens regarding how to start their own business in addition to fulfilling vat requirements as well as provides vat rules that should be followed for successful vat implementation.

In the event you still have trouble in figuring out what exactly is vat or do not have time to administer your vat payments and collections then you can appoint a tax agent or adviser to take care of your entire vat requirements. This includes filing vat returns and obtaining vat reclaim in the United Kingdom or any other European country where vat might have been paid.

This will help lessen your paperwork burden along with your financial burden because you will be able to prevent the problem of double taxation on your services or goods. If you’d like more information on all services provided by hmrc then you can certainly also visit their website and read about each service in great detail. In addition you can also download various vat forms in addition to several other kinds of forms which will save considerable time and effort discover more here.

Your business in the UK will likely be successful only if you understand and conform to all types of taxes that should be paid while importing and selling goods or services. It’s the job of the hmrc to track your enterprise and collect vital taxes from you. On your part, it’s your job to actually pay your taxes in time to hm customs in order to stay on the correct side of the law.

Isn’t it best to have carbohydrates?

Paleo Introduction to sugar

It sneaks in everywhere, hiding behind a lot of different names and clever disguises. It creeps into tomato sauce, lurks in every salad dressing, and infiltrates otherwise-innocent canned soups. Even bacon isn’t safe! If you spend any time at all on the Paleo diet, you practically start to see sugar peering out from behind every corner, shrouded in a black trench coat and hatching nefarious schemes to trap you in its clutches.

Assigning personality to a food can itself be unhealthy, but in this case, the food doesn’t even deserve all its bad press. Of course, like any other food, sugar is unhealthy when eaten to excess, or when eaten in a processed, refined, and artificial form. Some people would do better to avoid it – just as some people would do better to avoid nightshades, dairy, or eggs. But in the context of a diet rich in nutrients, sugar – especially sugar from whole foods like fruit or dairy – is not the kiss of death.

What On Earth Is Sugar?

Any time you think “sugar,” probably you think “yum!” Because it’s so sweet, lots of kids like sugar and sugary foods. But what exactly is sugar, and where does it come from??

Sugars are organic compounds that occur naturally in most plants. The white granules of sugar that you’re probably used to seeing are a type of sugar compound known as “sucrose.”Most of the sugar we eat comes from sugarcane plants or sometimes sugar beets. Sugar is typically used to add sweetness to the foods it is in and it is the main ingredients in most types of candy.

When it comes to nutrition, it’s important to know that sugars are simple carbohydrates which do not contain the nutrients of more complex carbohydrates such as those found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, excess sugar is converted into fat by the body.

Sugar can also be a problem when it comes to your teeth: Sugars in the mouth which aren’t properly brushed or flossed away cause the natural bacteria in your mouth to produce acid, leading to a greater chance of getting cavities. – For these reasons, most nutrition experts recommend eating sugar in moderation.

White Sugar Substitutes: Other Natural Sweeteners

Since processed sugar is so much more harmful than natural sugar from whole foods, one common question about refined table sugar is whether other, more natural sweeteners are preferable. The idea of these foods as “sugar substitutes” is somewhat misleading, since common “sugar substitutes” like honey and maple syrup do also contain sugars.

We’ve chosen to refer to one type of sugar as “sugar” and another type as “honey,” but in the end they’re both biologically made up of sugars. All natural sweeteners contain some form of sugar, even if we call them by another name.

Nevertheless, some replacements for table sugar do have other advantages that are worth noting. Honey, for example, has several beneficial compounds (although the specific content will depend on the flowers available). Chemically, honey is approximately 40% glucose, 36% fructose, and 24% other sugars, although the exact proportions vary depending on what the bees ate.

While the high fructose content can cause trouble for some people with fructose malabsorption problems, the fructose in honey is accompanied by an equal amount of glucose, which makes it much easier to digest.

Furthermore, honey has the advantage of a long evolutionary history: humans have been going to incredible lengths to get it since we figured out how delicious it was. Several preindustrial peoplesconsumed a significant percentage of their daily calories from honey on a regular basis: one 10,000-year-old painting from Spain shows two men gathering honey from a beehive.

Raw honey (as opposed to pasteurized honey) is also a completely unprocessed food, while even other natural sweeteners like maple syrup and molasses require some processing.

If there’s any such thing as a “Paleo sweetener,” honey is probably it. But honey is far from the only naturally-occurring sweet substance. Maple syrup is relatively low in fructose (making it a good option for the fructose-intolerant), and contains manganese, potassium, iron, and calcium.

Molasses is essentially table sugar, but with nutrients: it contains minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium that are stripped from table sugar when it’s refined and processed to get its white, powdery consistency.Coconut palm sugar is a relative newcomer, and not very common, but it contains higher amounts of magnesium, nitrogen, and Vitamin C than any other natural sweetener.

Agave Nectar is a health-food darling, best known for its very low glycemic index. In other words, it doesn’t cause as large of an insulin rush as other sweeteners. On the other hand, agave is also 90% fructose, which can cause serious problems for people who don’t digest fructose well.

It also contains saponins, one of the same toxins that make grains and legumes so harmful. Although the lack of an insulin spike is tempting, agave is definitely the worst of the “all-natural” group: avoid it when you can.

Thus, although all of these natural sweeteners contain approximately as much sugar as the table sugar, some of them do at least give you a significant amount of nutrients along with the calories. This makes them preferable to the refined, chemically processed table sugar that most of us think of as “sugar.”

Even though they aren’t healthy to consume to excess, honey, molasses, and maple syrup are superior to table sugar, and can make relatively harmless replacements in the occasional Paleo treat.